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Dornier Do 24





Dornier Do 24 flying boat

The Dornier DO-24 flying boat was produced during the early 1930's initially for the country of Netherlands to replace their obsolete Wals flying boats. The Dutch planned to build 50 flying boats under license for service in the East Indies. The DO-24 had many of the characteristics of the earlier Dornier flying boats such as a broad- beamed, shallow hull, semi-cantilever high wing with sponsons. With the onset of World War II, the Germans occupying Holland took over the building of the DO-24 and pressed it into service in the role of air-sea rescue/transport flying boat in the Black Sea and Mediterranean campaigns. It was a rugged and sturdy machine that had equipped 15 Luftwaffe Seenotstafflen throughout the war and later saw service with Sweden and Spain.




Function: reconnaissance
Year: 1941 Crew: 4-5 Engines: 3 * 740kW BMW Bramo 323R-2
Wing Span: 27m Length: 21.95m Height: 5.75m Wing Area: 108m2
Empty Weight: 9200kg Max.Weight: 18400kg
Speed: 340km/h Ceiling: 7500m Range: 4750km
Armament: 2*mg7.92mm 1*g20mm 600kg
Crew: 6, engine: 3 x BMW "Bramo 323", 735kW, wingspan: 27.0m, length: 21.9m, height: 5.8m, wing area: 108.0m2, start mass: 18400kg, empty mass: 10600kg, max speed: 340kph, cruise speed: 255kph, ceiling: 5900m, range w/max.fuel: 4800km, range w/max.payload: 2400km, armament: 4 MG, 1 x 30mm cannon, 600kg of bombs