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Heinkel He 111



History of the Heinkel He 111

The Fw 200 was designed as an advanced civilian transport aircraft. A military version became infamous as long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft, seeking targets for U-boats. The Fw 200 was not stressed for military service, and many broke up at landing. From 1944 onward they were relegated to transport duties. 276 were built. The Fw 200 also served as VIP transport, and one was Hitlers personal aircraft, the "Immelmann III".



Type: reconnaissance

Powerplant 4 * 895kW BMW Bramo 323R-2

Performance: Speed: 360 km/h Ceiling: 6000 m Range: 3560 km

Dimensions: Wing Span: 32.85 m Length: 23.45 m Height: 3.30 m Wing Area: 119.85 m2 Empty Weight: 17005 kg Max.Weight: 24520 Armament: kg1*g20mm 5*mg13mm 4*b250 kg