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Heinkel He 115




Multirole seaplane
Type: Models: He 115A to E

Powerplant: He 115B-1:
   Model: BMW 132N
   Type: nine-cylinder radial
   Number: Two      Horsepower: 865 hp

He 115C-1:
   Model: BMW 132K
   Type: nine-cylinder radial
   Number: Two      Horsepower: 970 hp

Performance: Normal, Loaded
Maximum Speed: 327km/h (203 mph)
Range (With Full Weapons Load):
    2,090km (1,300 miles)
Range (With Maximum Fuel):
    3,300km (2,050 miles)
Initial climb: N/A
Service Ceiling: N/A

Dimensions: Wing span: 22.275m (73 ft. 1 in.)
Length: 17.30m (56 ft. 9.5 in.)
Height: 6.60m (21 ft. 7.75 in.)

Armament: Two MG17 7.92mm machine guns, one in the nose and one rear facing
Various stores up to 1,420kg including torpedoes, mines and bombs.

Weights: Empty: 6,690kg (14,748 lbs.)
Maximum: 10,400kg (22,928 lbs.)

The B-2 model had it's floats strengthened for landing on ice or snow.

Notes: Origin: Ernst Heinkel AG, Marienehe

First Flight: Prototype: October 1936
Service Delivery: He 115A-0: July 1937
Final Delivery: About July 1944